Mini Guide "Peruvian Passages"

 Passport :
obligatory with a 6 month minimum validity after the planned returning date. Be careful, you cannot move without your identity card. If you have made photocopies of them before the depart, you should add the photocopy of the entrance stamp in the country and to make authenticate (it is not expensive) the copy conformity in the presence of a "notary public". We advise you to leave a copy in Aventura Latino Americana and/or your embassy in Lima at your arrival.

Visa :
for Belgian, there are no visas to pay leaving Belgium. At the arrival of the country, you will receive automatically a tourism visa which has a period of time among 30 and 90 days. We recommend the others to get information in Peru's embassy.

It is obligatory too :
the departure or arrival ticket of Peru.

Vaccines :
the Peruvian sanitary authorities do not ask any vaccine, except for going to the jungle. In that case, you must have the international vaccination card, to be vaccinated against the yellow fever and to take your prophylaxis against the swamp fever.
The complementary protection vaccines can be considered for every distant travel.

Peru's Embassies
- Belgium, Tervueren Avenue, 179 - 1150 BrusselsTel. : 02/733.33.19 - 733.31.85
- France, Kleber Av., 50-75016 Paris, Tel.: 1/
- Canada, 2250 Guy Suite 304 - Montreal H3H2M3Tel.: 514/932.36.92
- Switzerland, Lausanne Av., 63 - 1202 G.

Peru's general information

Information and Promotion European Center for Latin America ONG (CEIPAL) :Tel./fax : 51-1-445.00.76 E-mail :

Belgium embassy in Peru :Angamos Av., 380 - Miraflores.Tel.: 51-1-241.75.66  Fax : 241.63.79
Great Britain Embassy in Peru: Av. Jose Larco, 1301 Miraflores tel: 617.30.00
United State of America Embassy in Peru: Av. La Encalada s/n cuadra 17 Santiago de Surco Tel: 432.30.00

Weather :
the country can be visited all the year knowing that the rain time in the Andes and in the Amazon is in summer (we are in the southern hemisphere = globally since December until March) with a more latent risk of flood in that period in the sierra and the jungle, whereas in the coast the weather is pretty and warm. In consequence, it is better the coast would be visited since November until April and the rest of the country since April until November.

Budget :
The two moneys in circulation are the nuevo sol (Peruvian money) and the American dollar. Take intact dollars (they should not be broken, smudged, full of writings, glued again or watched). they should not be news obligatory, but they have to respect what is told here, otherwise they can be refused or changed at a miserable price. You can have without any problem big pockets for the small change and many smaller for bills (always necessary). Take your credit card only for your reserve. This is accepted normally without problems in great hotels (if you are the clients), big restaurants or luxurious stores (item),  if you think that is not a good idea, the traveler check (or travel check) is a good idea (except for your reserve).

Clothing :
You have to take summer and winter clothes. In the Andes, when the sun leave out (at night, at dawn or due the bad time), the weather can become glacial, the temperature can descend under the 0 Cº  => We recommend the ANORAK! The rest of the day, the temperature arrives normally between 16º to 20º in the Andes; in the north, in the Amazon or in the coastal desert, the temperatures can be higher. In general, also prevent : bonnet, sunglasses, hydrant cremes, solar protector, lipstick or  lips cream (if you go to the jungle, take repellents and anything else for the bites).

Guides :
We recommend you above all : The Carnet de Voyage Special Peru Tourism made to your desire by the Aventura Latino Americana group in Peru. The price is around 5$, 150 FB or 25 FF. It is important to consult it well, read it completely, because you will find advices for your equipment (adapted to the elected systems), readings, fast overflies over different regions, places to know, important hotel and restaurant addresses, Internet direction too, bibliography, a mini lexicon English-Spanish, recipes, etc.

Lodge :
Peru is a country where the hotels classification can reserve even surprises, reason by which we propose you a categorization by means of our pretty cards : "Turquoise", "Amethyst", "Emerald" and "Diamond". Never forget that we are in a developing country, and frequently it is necessary a little of indulgence (whatever the star numbers of the hotel may be) knowing also, that every cities or localities do not have the same structure, that hotels which have the same category (c-to- d a same number of stars officially attributed) can present tremendous differences and the best are evidently the first to be occupied, and that frequently with six months of reserve before in high season or in dates of  local parties.

Rent of cars :
that service is offered mainly in Lima. You need an international brevet.

Airport taxes :
to can go out of the country, the tax is 25$;  for domestic flights, it is an average of 5$ (possible modifications).

Spoken languages :
Spanish in a general way, Quechua in the Andes, and other languages in the Amazon (as the Machiguenga, Piros, Amawaca, etc.)

Recommended season :
Peru can be visited all the year, except the Amazon which is not recommended from December to April due to the rains. In the Andes in that same epoch, there is also a more pronounced risk of floods, whereas in the coast it is hotter in that moment.

In a general way, the ideal period to visit the Andes and the Amazon is between April and November.


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Lima 18 (Miraflores)
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